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EE Dept. Education Principles and Goals

  1. Contribute towards the technically advanced society with a dominant elderly population through environment friendly technology and science.
  2. Educate engineers and researchers which can support the above mentioned society.
  3. Create novel technologies and new industries.

EE Dept. Education Specifics

  1. We will contribute to the technically advanced  society through education and research in the fields of electrical engineering ranging from communication, advanced electronic devices, power and energy.
  2. Our main academic field shall cover the full range of modern electrical engineering, including electromagnetics, electrical circuits and electronic material sciences, along with its applications.
  3. We shall aim to nurture engineers and researchers with energy and will to find new issues, and apply their knowledge to solve them efficiently. 
  4. In order to achieve the above goals, we shall:
  • Supply full range of basic engineering education in the first year.
  • Provide educational assistance by assigning all second year students to one of the faculty in small groups.
  • Retraining classes.
  • Small classes for selected fundamental subjects.
  • Technical English classes for electrical engineers.
  • Counseling on number of credits per semester and its evaluation.
  • Extensive use of teaching assistants for attentive education.
  • Graduation thesis work in new and challenging fields.
  • Promotion of advancement into graduate courses.

EE Dept. syllabus

All EE classes are described here (in Japanese)

List of Classes

  There are currently two separate courses to choose from. Most classes in course A are held during the day, from 8:50 to 16:00. Most classes in course B are held in the evening, between 16:00 and 21:10. 

Course A

Course B

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